Three Boys Get Jumped
Robert, Ben, and Raul were walking home from high school. A car drove by playing loud music. Ben recognized a gang member in the car who had earlier threatened him. "Let's get out of here!" he said. Before the boys could get away, the car stopped and four gang members surrounded them. All three boys were beaten. Ben's nose was broken, Robert's front teeth were knocked out, and Raul received a black eye and a fractured rib. In the weeks that followed, each had a very different reaction in school.

Robert became reluctant to attend school. When he went to school, he did not participate in discussions as much as before and was more irritable with his friends and teachers. Previously a conscientious student, Robert began giving excuses for not completing his homework and did poorly on his most recent exam.

Ben seemed to enjoy the notoriety given him from being jumped, and tended to become more aggressive and outspoken with his peers. In class, Ben expanded his role as class clown, now including the teacher in his sarcastic remarks, for which he was repeatedly sent to the office.

Raul showed no obvious signs at school following the experience. He continued in the same manner with his friends and in the classroom. According to Robert, however, each day Raul insisted on taking a different route home from school from the one they took when they were beaten.